Courtship of the Recluse is a contemporary romance about a conservative and independent young woman who accepts a job as housekeeper for a reclusive rancher.  His rambling old house sits in the middle of 3000+ remote acres in west Texas.  Aside from the love of ranch life, to her, the job is an ideal way to save money for a down payment on her own place.  To him it is freedom from housework so he can work the ranch.  But respect and admiration spawn a much deeper emotion - one that gets out of control in fuzzy stages that blend into each other.  

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Courtship of the Recluse
                   Linda Louise Rigsbee
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Courtship Of The Recluse
A Love Story
by Linda Louise Rigsbee

Book Description

Cindy is working in a restaurant in a little West Texas town when Russell Cade offers her a housekeeping job at his ranch. It's a huge old house on more than 3000 remote acres. Against her best friend's advice, Cindy accepts the job and moves to a room in the old ranch house. Cade is a stoic person who appears to have no sense of romance and Cindy is not attracted to him.
Cindy falls in love with the old house and the beautiful country. Cade is always a complete gentlemen. He spends all day working on the ranch and she has a hot meal ready for him when he gets home. They both love the arrangement.
Their respect and admiration for each other gradually spawns a much deeper emotion - one that gets out of control in fuzzy stages.
"Courtship of the Recluse" is a love story about two everyday people who are having trouble communicating. No offensive language or explicit sex makes this a romance story for all ages.

Editor's Review:

"Courtship of the Recluse" is a love story about two compassionate people who find contentment on a 3000 plus acre ranch in west Texas. They are both basking in the solitude of the secluded ranch when they are unexpectedly bitten by the love bug.

Cindy is an independent young woman struggling to make a living after the death of her father. Cade is content riding the range on the ranch he inherited, but he forces himself to get away from the ranch once a week by going out to eat.
Neither Cade nor Cindy is ready for a relationship. It catches them reluctant and unprepared. Their love for each other is kindled by respect and admiration and grows slowly until it unexpectedly bursts into a flame of passion.

The love scenes are neither explicit nor condoned and there is a gentle moral message in the story. It is an easy read that is hard to put down.