“Courtship of the Recluse” is a conservative romance novel by freelance writer Linda Louise Rigsbee. Written and home published in March of 1996, the book was edited and published as an ebook in 2010.

A trip to western Texas and a newspaper ad for a 3500 acre ranch inspired this book. Western Texas in May is a place of beauty and awe. Rolling hills hide entire green valleys and small lakes can be found in the most unusual places. The vegetation is sparse in one place and lush in another. The weather is equally volatile – warm and mild and then suddenly a cold wind with clouds moving in.

"Courtship of the Recluse" was an impulse book. It was one of those stories where I simply started writing, not knowing where it would lead. I often do this, discovering the characters and plot as I write. I was pleased with it and decided to send it in to a contest. The rest is history.

Cade and Cynthia are two ordinary fallible people thrown into a situation that sneaks up and overwhelms them. Their strength of character is what makes the story believable and memorable. We never know what we can or will do until we are put to the test.

Readers who enjoyed this book might also enjoy “Cassie,” a western romance novella. 

Every so often I edit my books again, sometimes making changes readers have suggested. When I make changes, I usually redesign the cover.  Below are some older covers that may be still in circulation.

This was the first cover, 1996. There were a few modifications of this e-painting cover.
This cover, is no longer available in paperback. This was my cover for Off The Bookshelf.

There is still a modification of this cover.
Purchased picture. Very few copies of this book in print.
Latest cover, now available on Amazon.com
Courtship of the Recluse
                   Linda Louise Rigsbee